The best ski and snowboard schoolin BAQUERIA BERET

We are a school with 14 years of experience teaching skiing and snowboarding in Baqueira. We offer an individualized treatment to all our students in order to achieve the best results . Mind about coming here and we worry about the rest. We will manage everything so that you can have an unforgettable holiday in the snow. Enjoy with your children, family or friends a trip to the mountains in which you will discover Baqueira Beret´s resort in its purest state.

Ski & Snowboard School. SERVICES

Equipment Rental

If you need to rent your skis or snowboard, come to our stores in Esterri D´Àneu and Espot. We have equipment from different ranges, so you can choose the one that suits your style better.

Ski lessons in Baqueira

If you want to improve your level of skiing or snowboarding, we have the best instructors for you to achieve great progress no matter what your level is. They will  propose the best exercises for you to correct your technique and learn everything you need.

Baqueira-Beret Ski Club

If you are one of those who want to enjoy the full ski season in Baqueira-Beret , we offer you the possibility to join our official ski club. There, you will be able to live a unique experience to connect with this sport.

Ski instructors for all levels

Our instructors adapt to your level so that you have fun learning, both in private lessons and in small groups.

If you are just starting out in skiing or snowboarding, we have the private lessons you need. Our instructors will teach you how to go down all kinds of slopes. This way you will learn from the beginning to face any route on skis with confidence.

If you are already  experienced and want some strong emotions, you have reached the best Ski School in Baqueira Beret . Choose the discipline you prefer: Freestyle, Freeride, Bumps, Slalom and whatever comes to mind… We can help you progress in any discipline. We will be your favourite ski instructors . Whether it’s your first time, or if the snow runs through your blood, we’ll make your lessons a unique experience.

Skiing with children in Baqueira-Beret

Is this the first time you bring your kids skiing to baqueira? At Aràneu ski school  we will prepare everything for them to experience snow sports .

We have adapted lessons so that the little ones can learn to ski while having fun. We understand fun as the main axis of learning, especially in younger children. Our teachers have lots of experience in dealing with children and getting them to make the most of the lessons by enjoying and having fun. In this way they will learn to go down safely on Baqueira´s slopes and anywhere else!

Rent your ski or snowboard equipment in Baqueira Beret

We manage the rental of your ski or snow equipment wherever you want. If you need to rent ski or snow equipment at the best price, we take care of preparing everything so you don´t have to worry about anything. This way, all you have to do is stop by our store and tell us your reservation number and sizes. We offer the possibility of renting both large and small sizes for children.

We have different ranges for equipment and accessories, depending on your ski or snowboard level . Ask our employees to help you choose the best!