Ski or snow courses in Baqueira Beret at the best price

Below we show you everything you need to know about our Ski or Snow courses in Baqueira - Beret. Availability of our instructors, duration of the course or prices. Check our rates and enjoy one of the best European ski resorts at the best price.

Adrenaline assured!

Skiing courses in Baqueira Beret with Aràneu

We have different types of ski courses to ensure a suitable offer to everyone. With the skiing or snowboarding courses that we organise, you will enter a class in which you will be able to meet colleagues of the same level. During the time you have booked the course, the instructorr will be in charge of making sure that you can discover the entire Baqueira – Beret resort.

During this time you will have exercises and tests to improve in all aspects and achieve a perfect technique. You will see that it is an excellent way to learn and meet people with whom to live an unforgettable experience.

Group skiing courses for kids

So that the youngest children can learn having a great time, we offer courses completely adapted to their first experiences in the snow. With a more entertaining and social vision, they will learn to ski together with their classmates having an unforgettable time. In this way, we will make your first trips to the snow an experience that you will remember with affection all your life. We create reduced ski groups adjusted by levels and ages.

Do you prefer private lessons of Ski or Snowboard?

Whether you come alone or accompanied, and regardless of your level, you can hire private lessons for yourself or your group and you can go all together. If you come alone, it will help you to improve your technique incredibly fast. In case you come with family or friends, you will be all together discovering the resort and you will be able to improve your level.

Prices of group ski courses in Baqueira Beret

We have special prices for group ski courses. We offer you the possibility of forming your own group to ski with your best friends, as well as getting into a ski group of your level, where you will meet more people passionate about snow and willing to learn, improve and discover the ski resort of Baqueira in the Pyrenees.

Age Skiers per group Price skier/day
4 and 5 years old maximum 4 65€
6 to 12 years old maximum 6 55€